New Years


Of all years, this is the year we are most excited to say goodbye to!

There are many reasons to be excited to say goodbye to 2020 this New Years Eve. Our lives have been turned upside down, we are looking at our neighbors in different ways based on what we assume their opinions are because of some of their actions, our neighbors are looking at us the same way. Some of us having become closer with our families and friends, while some have grown farther apart. The way we socialize, work, shop, go to school, and order food has all changed. A lot of us live in at least a little fear from things we cannot control: not just the pandemic, but unjustified shootings, riots, and social unrest. 2020 has brought many of us way more than we can handle mentally, and has shown us sides of ourselves and others that we never thought we would see. None of this is magically going to end in 2021, but symbolically, I think the majority of us can’t WAIT to say adios to 2020!

My typical New Years Eve has always been about surrounding myself with loved ones. For years, I spent the night with friends, drinking and celebrating into the early hours of the new year. More recently, I have hosted small get togethers with my sister and her children where I would create a theme and make finger foods, themed cocktails for adults, homemade hot chocolate for the kids. One year I turned an extra bedroom into a game room, set up with all of our old game components for kids young and old to have Mario Kart tournaments and bond with each other. Another year, we had minute to win it games through out the night to keep the kids engaged, all while the grown ups were having our own fun with board games and catching up! This was always my kind of celebration.

This year, I was really hoping we would be able to have something like that again. With my kids being older, I thought of them bringing their significant others and having a different dynamic of young adults, older adults, and the younger kids. These are my people, and it makes me sad to think that we have no choice, but to skip this tradition. Not only this one, but ANY celebration.

I’m sure I am not the only one feeling this way. I am grateful that I will still spend the evening with my closest loved ones, the ones I have been with through the pandemic. But it won’t be the same. I might not even make it til midnight this year….UNLESS—I can come up with some ideas that help bring us all together.

The most common answer to the question “How can I have a socially distanced celebration” is to go virtual. We are lucky to live in a world where that is an option in most places, but there are many areas that do not have decent internet connections, not to mention people who may not be able to afford the internet. These issues are more common than people realize, but it hasn’t been that important of an issue for people until now…when so much of what we HAVE to do is online.

If going virtual is an option for you then GO FOR IT! I would love for several houses to decorate and celebrate, play games virtually, share recipes, and basically give it the vibe of being in person. I feel that this would only work AT midnight, where everyone can yell “HAPPY NEW YEAR” at the same time, otherwise it is just a bunch of people talking over each other! But hey, if you and your friends are good at virtual partying, then go for it!

For some of us, going virtual is not an option (or doesn’t sound ideal); so, what can we do? I have read several ideas about having everyone on your block going outside at midnight, or having a socially distanced street party. Again, those work for some people, but not all. My neighbors are elderly and I don’t see them participating in any of these.


I need ideas! Let’s come up with a list together of ideas for us all to celebrate with our loved ones, for us to put aside all the negativity for one night (if the world lets us), and say GOODBYE 2020! I am posting this now, because I want YOU to let me know how you plan to celebrate before it happens. I want to post a list of ideas. All you have to do, is click on the link below. This will take you to a survey where you can let me know what your plans are. I truly appreciate your help! I think we all need to work together to make this New Year’s celebration the best we possibly can!

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