I am happy to announce that my first book, THE BEING GROWN UP GUIDE TO PERSONAL FINANCE, is now for sale! Writing this book was important to me from the beginning of my blogging journey because I think that the most basic part of Being Grown Up is handling your money.

So often, (and this happened to me), we aren’t really taught HOW to handle our money as kids beyond it’s value and that it causes stress for those around us. Then when we finally have our own income, we aren’t sure how to distribute it.

This guidebook was created for those who know very little about how to manage their money and written in terms that are easily understandable. My goal is teach you the importance of taking on the role of an active participant in all aspects of your life, and not just letting things happen to you.

At my ripe old age of 40-something, I am still learning how to handle my money, but doing so while already in debt. I hope that THE BEING GROWN UP GUIDE TO PERSONAL FINANCE will help you learn the very basics of tracking your money and really understanding how much you have and where it is going to go.

I don’t like to complicate things…so if you order now, for $25 you will receive your own digital download of THE BEING GROWN UP GUIDE TO PERSONAL FINANCE —PLUS, a FREE GIFT of THE BEING GROWN UP GUIDE TO PERSONAL FINANCE WORKBOOK. This workbook, a $10 value, is your to keep month after month and includes all the worksheets you need to budget and track your money each month. Just head over to my SHOP page, where you can learn more and read testimonials from young adults who have read and tried my money tips.

I am so happy to be able to share this with this little community. Please share and like, and let me know in the comments or in social media if would like to see a video series of how to use the worksheets.

Thank you for your support,


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