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I created this page to help young adults learn the things that no one taught them about how to succeed in life. I had my first of 3 daughters at 22 and began married life and family life with little training on what that stood for. As a stay at home mom, I had felt the pressure of running a home and family perfectly, but I did not have the tools to help me. The last 23 years have been a learning process for me and as I watch my daughters grow and go out on their own, I have realized how little prepared they, and their friends, are.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English/Pre-law and a Masters in Education. During the course of teaching high school students as a substitute teacher, I always heard students complain that they weren’t learning skills that would actually help them. With my knowledge and research, I hope to bridge that gap in an easy and fun way so that YOU do not have to go through the same mistakes I had made and you can begin adulthood with the confidence and resources to help you succeed.

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