Setting realistic goals

It is important to set goals for all aspects of your life in order to make sure you are heading in the right direction. Whether you are a teenager looking forward to leaving your parents house, a college student wondering what the next chapter holds, or a young adult just out on your own, goal…

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Make yourself invaluable in any career. Congratulations on landing that first job! You probably applied or are applying for a job through an online site or through the company’s website. Maybe you had to physically fill out a paper application. Maybe you are still in the applying phase and are wondering how to be a…

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A blog full of humorous and poignant observations.

Creativemay/Motivational writer/Life+style

Creativemay is an expression of various opinion on various topics... An expression and manifestation of growth, maturity and so on... In short, it’s inspiration with creativity and a whole dose of life+style and other wonderful essentials

Morning Mom

Getting Through It, One Day at a Time

Bergamot & Strawberries

only trying to learn something from my miseries <3

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