As young adults, new to the world of working and paying bills, it is easy to just let your finances take control of you. Maybe you live paycheck to paycheck, making sure you have just enough for your bills. Maybe you only use your bank app to tell you how much of a balance you have in your account before you go shopping. This is very typical behavior of those who don’t know how to track and budget their money.

“The beginner’s guide to personal finance is incredibly effective when it comes to explaining, well, personal finance! As a young person, fresh out of college and into the workforce, the impending doom of student loan repayment and adulthood lingered. I wanted to get ahead and start putting money away, but as commonly heard, I didn’t know where to start. After spending a few hours reading over this book and taking notes, I felt like I had a grasp on where to start. Utilizing various “trackers” throughout provided a solid baseling to then expand on, motivated me to stay on track, and the use of simple language makes the concept of personal finance finally feel digestable. The book taught me how to manage my money and made setting financial goals feel achievable.”

Makenzie, age 23

For only $25.00, THE BEING GROWN UP GUIDE TO PERSONAL FINANCE will teach you the things that your parents and school may not have taught you, such as habits that will allow you to make your money work for you, instead of you always working for your money and setting reachable financial goals along the way. You will also receive a FREE monthly workbook to help guide you throughout…a $10 value…yours FREE with the purchase of THE BEING GROWN UP GUIDE TO PERSONAL FINANCE.

“This book is perfect for young people, or anyone who is new to having control over personal finances. There are topics covered that I haven’t thought deeply about, so it was helpful to learn the basics. It’s not overwhelming or intimidating. It was really motivating to read, I think mostly because it’s more for beginners. It’s approachable and it makes taking control of your financial goals feel more realistic. Being organized with your money doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complicated, and this book really showed me that.”

Marisa age 23

This short, informative guidebook will teach you the very basics of budgeting your money and becoming an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT in your financial journey. THE BEING GROWN UP GUIDE TO PERSONAL FINANCE will help you track, plan, and save your hard earned money without having to make the mistakes your parents (or I) had to make. THE BEING GROWN UP PERSONAL FINANCE WORKBOOK (a $10 value) is yours FREE with your $25 purchase!

“I started reading this beginners guide with no intention of following much of the tips as I thought I had my finances locked down. I quickly realized that while I was making all my payments, I was not really doing anything to better myself or finances. I re-read through this time with a more open mind. I decided that I would try the workbooks for the month of November, and they made a huge difference. During the month of November even when I ended up with only half my normal pay one check due to an error, I still had more than enough to cover all my bills and enough for me TO live on until this error has been resolved…I think this book and accompanying workbook can make a huge difference, especially for those who are just coming out of college or into adult life without a solid understanding of how money should be managed. You might even find that you enjoy managing your finances!”

Ian Age 21

Don’t forget, if you purchase now, you will also receive THE BEING GROWN UP BUDGET WORKBOOKFREE! This workbook contains unlimited access to printable digital downloads, which you can use digitally or printed. The workbook includes: monthly planning sheets, savings trackers, a debt tracker, and a summary page to think about what your money goals are. This is a $10 value…yours FREE when you purchase THE BEING GROWN UP GUIDE TO PERSONAL FINANCE.

Learning about money shouldn’t be from making mistakes when you are younger. You should be told upfront what to expect and how to actively manage your money as soon as you start making it. At Being Grown Up, I personally want each and every young person to feel confident in the very basics of personal finance management in order to succeed with their money later on!

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